Halloween 2011

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Lucas hands out candy for Halloween, October 31 2011

First steps!

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Lucas takes his first steps! Today was his first day at day care, surrounding by slightly older kids who already all can walk. He got it figured out in less than 5 hours! Or, as you can hear the teacher say: "He didn't do this before? He's been walking all mornng!"

Two new videos

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Two new videos today!

Lucas pulls up a chair and sits down

Picknick in the park with Ana and Gigi

One year!

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It's Lucas's first birthday!  We had a party with lots of good friends, kids, food and drinks, and everybody had a good time. The pictures are up on the photo album, and I created a little video with impressions of the day.

First Birthday Party

Christmas 2010

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Opa and Oma Janssen came to visit for Christmas. Lots of pictures and video were taken, I have all the pictures up on the site (see album "6 to 10 months" (now a misnomer because it stretches into 11 months) and album "Opa and oma Christmas 2010" for lots new pictures. Click here
I still have not gotten any video editing software to work, but I did upload one cute video where he managed to walk assisted by a cart. This is at 11 months, he's making such great progress....

New video

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Two new videos on the video page: One where Lucas falls asleep during dinner, very cute, and one made in the backyard where Lucas shows his first tooth!

New photos and videos

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Finally another update with some pictures and videos. I know that some of you are patiently waiting for pictures and videos of my parents/sister visit last month, but pending that, I have a lot of other pics and videos for you to keep you updated.


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Tomorrow Lucas will get his first round of shots! We will be following the Dr. Sears Alternative Schedule, so tomorrow --instead of 5 shots (HiB, DTaP, PCV, Polio and Rotavirus)--  he will only get DTaP and the oral Rotavirus (RV) vaccine.

Photo and video update

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Finally I got around uploading more pictures and videos! In the past few weeks, his aunt April visited, Ivo brewed some beer and we went downtown for the first time, out for brunch at Casa de Luz, and we walked past the annual Kite Festival.

New website

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I just finished replacing the default webpage that I hacked together the night before Lucas was born, with a full-fledged CMS with menus, news/blog updates and an RSS feed. So please come back often while I add more content --still lots of video to process and upload-- and finalize the site's layout. And if you do use an RSS reader, make sure to subscribe to the feed! -Ivo


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This week we took a few walks around the park, and Ivo took a few videos, which are now up in the video section.


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Lucas was born on February 12, 2010 at 10:50pm.
He weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long.

Lucas is geboren op 12 februari 2010 om 22:50u.
Hij woog 3610 gram en was 53,5cm lang.